The Snowman


Dianne Jackson

A young ginger-haired boy named James builds a snowman in his backyard one christmas. On the stroke of midnight the snowman comes to life and after being given a guided tour of the little boys' home (set in the south-eastern English countryside of Brighton), the man of snow flies the boy on a journey through the night to Lapland where he meets Father Christmas.
Animated and sketched by hand, it was at its time, a beautiful short film which was destined to become a christmas classic even with adults. You just try watching it without tears in your eyes at the end, when the inevitable happens.
When released in the States, it was requested that a high-profile name introduced the story on film, so they chose a very mis-cast David Bowie. For the Special Edition anniversary DVD release in 2002 the opening introduction was re-shot and introduced by British actor/comedian Mel Smith (as Father Christmas). ~ Lord

UK christmas favourite. Bittersweet tale of a boy and his snowman. Beautifully animated. Frankly, I'm sick to death of it, and never want to walk in the air again! Much better than the not dissimilar Polar Express, however. ~ The Sloth

15th November 2004

24th October 2006

13th November 2006


David Bowie
Narrator [US Version]
Mel Smith
Father Christmas [UK re-release intro]
Peter Auty
Singer, "Walking In The Air"

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots