Demolition Man


Marco Brambilla
Warner Brothers
Production Company

A police officer who caused millions of pounds worth of damage to a building in 1996 is cryogenically frozen as a punishment until his parole deep into the 21st century. When he emerges from his suspended state he finds a different world awaiting him but also the same criminal who caused his arrest in the first place.

Average action caper with two of Hollywood's biggest box-office draws of the day. The film is saved (just about) with some comical black humour along the way.

8th October 1993

12th November 1993

Demolition Man (Special Edition)
15th August 2000


Sylvester Stallone
John Spartan
Wesley Snipes
Simon Phoenix
Sandra Bullock
Lenina Huxley
Nigel Hawthorne
Dr. Raymond Cocteau
Benjamin Bratt
Alfredo Garcia
Bob Gunton
Chief George Earle
Glenn Shadix
Associate Bob
Denis Leary
Edgar Friendly
Pat Skipper
Helicopter Pilot
Steve Kahan
Captain Healy
Andre Gregory
Warden William Smithers (Aged)
Bill Cobbs
Zachary Lamb (Aged)
Rob Schneider
Jesse Ventura
Jack Black
Wasteland Scrap
Dan Cortese
Taco Bell Entertainer
Troy Evans
Tough Cop
Lara Harris
Taco Bell Patron
Susan Lentini
TV Reporter
Paul Perri
Squad Leader
Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign

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