SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Let Newton Be09/22/1965 8:50 pmBBC2UK1
From Peenemunde to the Moon11/07/1966 9:45 pmBBC2UK
The Shape of War to Come04/25/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK1
An Ingenious Man - Sir H. John Baker01/02/1968 8:00 pmBBC TwoUK
Inside Every Fat Man01/02/1969 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
King Soloman's Garden04/10/19691
Shark05/01/1969 9:40 pmBBC2UK
The Years of the Locust05/08/1969 9:35 pmBBC2UK
All Creatures Great and Small09/28/1970 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
The Expert Witness02/08/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK9
Patently Absurd12/27/1971 8:10 pmBBC2UK6
Digging Up the Future11/03/1974 5:25 pmBBC2UK1
The Glazed Outlook06/09/1975 9:30 pmBBC2UK
The Mystery of King Arthur and his Round Table12/25/197612:15 pmBBC2UK
Silent Speech07/29/1977 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
The Red Planet01/13/1978 9:30 pmBBC TwoGB
The Eddystone Lights02/24/197810:15 pmBBC2UK11
A Mediterranean Prospect04/09/1979 9:25 pmBBC2UK
Brave New Babies?02/20/1984 9:30 pmBBC2UK1