SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
0Panic at Malibu Pier04/23/19893610
1In Deep09/22/198919
1Heat Wave09/29/198920
1Second Wave10/13/198920
1Message in a Bottle10/20/198920
1The Sky Is Falling10/27/198917
1The Drowning Pool11/03/198921
1Rookie School11/10/198918
1Cruise Ship11/24/198916
1The Cretin of the Shallows12/01/198920
1Shelter Me12/08/198920
1The Reunion12/15/198915
1Armored Car01/05/199018
1Home Cort01/12/199018
1We Need a Vacation01/26/199014
1Muddy Waters02/02/199014
1Snake Eyes02/09/199014
1Shark Derby03/02/199017
1The Big Race03/16/199016
1Old Friends03/30/199016
1The End?04/06/199013
2Nightmare Bay: Part 109/23/199117
2The One That Got Away09/30/199112
2Money, Honey10/07/199113
2The Fabulous Buchannon Boys10/14/199114
2Point of Attack10/21/199112
2Thin or Die11/04/199111
2The Trophy: Part 111/11/199118
2The Trophy: Part 211/18/199118
2If Looks Could Kill11/25/199111
2War of Nerves02/03/199215
2Big Monday02/10/199214
2Sea of Flames02/17/199211
2Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale02/24/199210
2The Chamber03/02/199214
2Shark's Cove04/20/199216
2The Lost Treasure of Tower 1204/27/199215
2The Big Spill05/04/19929
2Game of Chance05/11/199213
2Summer of '8505/18/199211
3Summerfest Special09/13/199211
3River of No Return: Part 109/14/199217
3River of No Return: Part 209/21/199218
3Tequila Bay09/28/199213
3Rookie of the Year10/05/199213
3Pier Pressure10/12/199212
3Showdown at Malibu Beach High10/19/199214
3Point Doom10/26/199212
3Princess of Tides11/02/199216
3Lifeguards Can't Jump11/16/199213
3Dead of Summer11/23/199214
3A Matter of Life and Death01/04/199313
3Island of Romance01/11/199312
3Strangers Among Us01/18/19939
3Vacation: Part 101/25/199311
3Vacation: Part 202/01/199311
3The Tower02/08/199310
3Stakeout at Surfrider Beach02/15/199313
3Shattered: Part 104/19/199317
3Shattered: Part 204/26/199313
3Fatal Exchange05/10/199311
4Race Against Time: Part 109/20/199316
4Lover's Cove09/27/199310
4Sky Rider10/11/199311
4Tentacles: Part 110/18/199312
4Tentacles: Part 210/25/199314
4Ironman Buchannon11/08/199312
4Tower of Power11/15/199313
4The Child Inside11/22/199312
4Second Time Around01/17/19949
4The Red Knights01/24/199413
4Coronado del Soul: Part 101/31/199410
4Coronado del Soul: Part 202/07/199411
4Mirror, Mirror02/14/199411
4The Falcon Manifesto02/21/199410
4Rescue Bay02/28/199412
4Western Exposure04/25/199410
4The Life You Save05/02/199415
4Trading Places05/09/199411
4Guys & Dolls 05/16/1994
5Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 109/26/199415
5Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 210/03/199415
5Baja Run10/17/199410
5Air Buchannon10/24/199414
5Short Sighted10/31/199410
5Someone to Baywatch Over You11/07/199411
5K-Gas the Groove Yard of Solid Gold11/14/199411
5Red Wind11/21/199415
5I Spike11/28/199410
5Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 112/05/199415
5Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 212/12/199415
5Rubber Ducky01/30/199513
5Seize the Day02/13/19959
5A Little Help02/20/199512
5Fathers Day02/27/199514
5Fire with Fire04/24/199511
5Deep Trouble05/01/199515
5Promised Land05/08/199514
5The Runaways05/15/199514
5Wet 'n' Wild05/22/19959
6Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 109/25/199515
6Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 210/02/199515
6Hot Stuff10/09/199512
6Surf's Up10/16/199516
6To Everything There Is a Season10/23/199511
6Leap of Faith10/30/199511
6Face of Fear11/06/199511
6Hit and Run11/13/199511
6Home Is Where the Heat Is11/20/199515
6Sweet Dreams11/27/19959
6The Incident01/15/199616
6Beauty and the Beast01/29/199610
6Desperate Encounter02/05/199613
6Baywatch Angels02/12/19969
6Bash at the Beach02/19/1996USA197
6Sail Away03/18/199613
6Lost and Found03/25/199610
6Forbidden Paradise: Part 104/22/199613
6Forbidden Paradise: Part 204/29/199612
6Last Wave05/06/199615
6Go for the Gold05/13/199613
7Shark Fever09/23/199614
7The Contest09/30/199617
7Liquid Assets10/07/199613
7Guess Who's Coming to Dinner11/04/199614
7Let the Games Begin11/11/199610
7Search & Rescue 01/13/1997
7Heal the Bay01/27/199712
7Bachelor of the Month02/03/199715
7Chance of a Lifetime02/10/199712
7Talk Show02/17/199713
7Life Guardian02/24/199713
7Matters of the Heart03/03/199712
7Hot Water04/14/199713
7Trial by Fire04/21/199718
7Baywatch at Sea World04/28/199714
7Golden Girls05/05/199714
8Rookie Summer09/22/199713
8Next Generation09/29/199712
8The Choice10/06/199713
8Memorial Day10/13/199714
8Lifeguard Confidential10/27/199713
8Out of the Blue11/03/199714
8Eel Nino11/10/199716
8Homecoming 11/17/1997
8No Way Out01/26/199813
8Surf City02/09/199812
8To the Max02/16/199816
8Night of the Dolphin02/23/199816
8Full Throttle03/02/199812
8Bon Voyage05/04/199817
8White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 105/11/199814
8White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 205/18/199813
9Crash: Part 109/21/199812
9Crash: Part 209/28/199812
9Sharks, Lies and Videotape10/05/199811
9Dolphin Quest10/12/199810
9The Natural10/19/199814
9Drop Zone10/26/199810
9Hot Summer Night11/02/199810
9Swept Away11/09/199811
9The Swimmer11/16/199810
9Friends Forever11/23/199810
9The Edge12/14/19988
9The Big Blue01/11/199911
9Come Fly with Me01/18/199910
9Boys Will Be Boys02/01/19999
9Baywatch Grand Prix02/08/199912
9Mahalo Hawai'i02/10/199911
9Baywatch Down Under: Part 102/15/19999
9Baywatch Down Under: Part 202/22/19999
9Water Dance03/22/199913
9Double Jeopardy04/26/199912
9Wave Rage05/03/19998
9Galaxy Girls05/10/199910
9Castles in the Sand05/17/19999
10Aloha Baywatch09/20/199915
10Weak Link10/09/19999
10Shark Island10/16/19999
10Strike Team10/18/19997
10Sunday in Kaua'i10/25/19998
10Risk to Death11/06/199910
10Father of the Groom11/08/19999
10The Hunt11/15/19999
10Gold from the Deep11/27/19998
10Path of Least Resistance12/13/19997
10Liquid Visions01/17/20007
10Lines in the Sand01/31/20009
10The Hero02/07/200010
10Thunder Tide02/14/20007
10Breath of Life02/21/200010
10Big Island Heat03/13/20008
10Maui Xterra04/24/20009
10Baywatch O'Hana05/01/20008
10Last Rescue05/08/20008
10The Killing Machine05/15/200012
11Soul Survivor10/02/20009
11Knife in the Back10/09/20008
11Bad Boyz10/16/20009
11Dangerous Games10/23/200012
11Stone Cold10/30/20008
11Broken Promises11/06/20009
11Dream Girl11/13/20008
11The Cage11/20/20009
11Ties That Bind12/04/20009
11Black Widow12/11/20009
11The Ex-Files01/29/20019
11The Stalker02/05/20019
11Father Faust02/12/20019
11A Good Man in a Storm02/19/20018
11My Father, the Hero02/26/20019
11Boiling Point04/09/200114
11The Return of Jessie04/16/200112
11Dead Reckoning04/30/200111
11Makapu'u Lighthouse05/07/20017
11Rescue Me05/14/200111
11Hawaiin Wedding02/28/2003161